What fantastic weather today! But yes, chores to do and I’m up for the ironing. Which is cool, ‘cos I can take it outside to do in the sun (which is actually hot, but you know what I mean). Strip down and get a vitamin-D recharge into the bargain.

Not that I like ironing. I don’t mind it though. Quite therapeutic, actually. Gives you time to think. Mull over those important little things that really matter in everyday life. Not the big scary issues we read about have to think about the rest of the time. The important things. Of everyday life.

Like, why is it completely impossible to stop my deodorant staining my shirts? I mean, look at ’em! And I use the very best brand, too! The adverts told me so!

What has this got to do with photography? Just think of me raising my elbows to turn the camera for that winning portrait shot (all right – don’t then). What would people think?? Honestly!

(“Camera Ninja” a photo of me by Kevin Johnson)